General Info

About the project of parking space

The cost of parking for a car: 20 rubles per hour. 

The cost of parking for a motorbike: 10 rubles per hour.

Working hours: Monday to Friday (inclusive), excluding non-working holidays, from 09:00 to 19:00.

Time for payment: payment is made within the first 20 minutes of parking, but, in the case of special circumstances, you can pay parking until the end of the current day and during the day following the day of the end of the parking session in your account by using the post-pay option. Attention! When using post-pay function, you control the time during which your car was in the paid parking.

Time for departure: the parking user is required to leave the parking space within 10 (ten) minutes after the end of the paid-up time of use, or pay for additional parking time.

Payment rules: payment for the placement of vehicles at a paid parking is made for each full hour of using paid parking or an incomplete hour of using paid parking in the amount corresponding to the cost of the full hour of using of paid parking. In case of early termination, the returned amount is considered a multiple of 1 hour.

The size of fine: 1000 rubles.


The purpose of the realization of the paid parking

The project “The parking space of Perm” is started to solve the problem of chaotic parking on the city streets and to create a possibility for convenient movement of pedestrians and vehicles.

The main objectives of the projects are:

  • lowering of violation quantity of the parking rules on the street-road network;
  • enhancing of the speed of traffic in the zones of paid parking;
  • enhancing of the circulation of the parking places;
  • reduction of the flow of private transport coming to the paid zone and stimulation of the public transport using, of biking.
If you have any questions connected with work of paid parking you can address to the unified contact center at 8-800-300-77-77 or by email to